The Allegro Qumran Collection, 1996

The Allegro Qumran Collection on Microfiche

Edited by George J. Brooke. In collaboration with Helen K. Bond

This microfiche edition of photographs contains prints of all the black-and-white negatives in the Allegro Qumran Photograph Archive in the Manchester Museum. The originals were taken by John M. Allegro between 1955 and 1962. Several colour photographs are also represented in black and white.
The several hundred photographs are arranged in four categories: archaeology, biographical pictures (of those involved in the Qumran excavations and the decipherment of the scrolls), the Copper Scroll, and other photographs of documents from Qumran and elsewhere.
The importance of the collection is self-evident for Qumran specialists, filling out our knowledge of the Qumran remains, but especially giving further information on the Copper Scroll and other texts, notably from Cave 4.

Card catalog description
Consists of 1470 photographs of Allegro’s associated with Khirbet Qumran and the texts discovered there, as well as those associated with some other places, such as °Ain Feshkha, Khirbet Mird, and Wadi Murrabba§at. The photographs are arranged in four categories: A. Archaeology; B. Biography; C. Copper scroll; and D. Documents.

Brill Academic Pub, 1996, In Print! ISBN-10: 90 04 10558 1; ISBN-13: 978 9004105 58 4

Cover: Microfiche, Number of pages: 50 pp. (English), nearly 1500 black and white photographs on 30 microfiches

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