Discoveries in the Judaean Desert of Jordan, Qumrân Cave 4. V (4Q158-4Q186), 1968

Discoveries in the Judaean Desert of Jordan V Qumrân Cave 4. V (4Q158-4Q186)

In Manchester, John worked steadily through his share of the Cave 4 fragments, using official photographs supplied from the Scrollery in Jerusalem and others he had taken himself, which were sometimes clearer and showed slightly different perspectives. Editing the fragments was painstaking work: grouping, regrouping, translating, and interpreting. To help with the translation he enlisted Arnold Anderson, a colleague at Manchester University. Together they were able to share insights or lay out arguments on a tricky word or phrase, and they made slow but steady progress. It seemed painfully slow at times, but theirs was a good deal brisker than that of other members of the team. Discoveries in the Judaean Desert of Jordan V (DJDJ V) had to wait for publication until 1968, though John reckoned much of it had been ready long before – he offered to submit it in 1960 – and had been held up while de Vaux tried to get the other editors’ contributions in order.

Discoveries in the Judaean Desert of Jordan V was published by:

Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1968. 1st edition, quarto, green cloth, 186 pages
Oxford University Press, USA; Reissue edition ISBN-10: 0198263147, ISBN-13: 978-0198263142 – In print!