Search in the Desert, 1964

Search in the Desert, written in 1964, tells the story of the major expedition that John mounted during the winter of 1962-63.

It was an exploration on three fronts: Mazin, Christmas Cave, and Ain Feshka. The aim was to look for artifacts, documents, signs of habitation – anything that might throw light on the history of the area between the first century B.C. and the end of the Second Jewish Revolt in A.D. 135. By filming and writing about the expedition, John also hoped to raise the profile of Scrolls research, and not only its profile but also funds for future research. The book tells of the ups and downs of running an archaeological expedition in Jordan, with the help of King Hussein, various sponsors, a team of student teachers and assorted Bedouin. It also tells of Jordan’s wild intriguing landscape, where thousands of years of history wait among the rocks and cliffs.

Search in the Desert was published by:

Doubleday & Co., Garden City N.Y., 1964
Allen & Unwin London, 1965
Scientific Book Club, London, 1965