Lost Gods, 1977

Lost Gods, published in 1977 by Michael Joseph, Ltd., looks more deeply into the need for religion.

God is Man’s response to a legacy of evolutionary discontent. The faculty of conceptual thought that has raised Man above all other forms of animal life was achieved only at the cost of a divided and tormented mind… Man’s response to that awful burden of the self-determination was to create for himself a god and to still his self-doubts in the solace of religion. (Lost Gods p. 1)

So God, John explained, was the answer to humanity’s insufficiency, and humans created God to set in stone their human explanations, lend conviction to their judgments, and reassure themselves that there must be a reason for everything that happened.

Lost Gods looks at the ideas and cults of the ancient gods through age-old myths and the work of archeologists and anthropologists. It shows how primeval beliefs have persisted into modern theological thought and recur as common elements in widely disparate cults and philosophies, though the differences between them can lead to destructive enmity.

Lost Gods was published by:

Michael Joseph, London, 1977