Academic Publications

The following is a chronological list of John Allegro’s (known) publications from academic journals. At present 18 of the 32 articles are here available for download. As we acquire them, we’ll make more available. If you have access to any of the “unavailable” references listed, your submission of them would be greatly appreciated.

John always wanted the research on the Dead Sea Scrolls available to the public at large. It is in the Allegro tradition of making research and information available to the public, and to other researchers, that we provide his academic publications.

  1. The Meaning of byn in Isaiah XLIV:4, ZAW 63, (1951) (Zeitschrift fur die Alttestamenteliche Wissenschaft, Berlin) unavailable
  2. A Possible Mesopotamian Background to the Joseph Blessing of Genesis XLIX, ZAW 64, (1952), pp. 249-251 download
  3. The Meaning of hayyot in Samuel 20:3, Journal of Theological Studies (1952) download
  4. The Meaning of the Phrase Setum Haayin in Num. XXIV,‘ Vetus Testamentum, Vol. 3, Fasc. 1 (Jan., 1953), pp. 78-79 download
  5. A Newly Discovered Fragment of Commentary on Psalm 37 from Qumran,‘ Palestine Exploration Quarterly 86 (1954): 69-75 unavailable
  6. The Meaning of Nophel in Numbers xxiv. 4, 16,‘ Expository Times 65 (Jul., 1954), p. 317 unavailable
  7. Last Year’s Work on the Fourth Cave Fragments from Qumran Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Orientalists, (1955) [NB. The above is John’s own ref. A different source gives “Cambridge 1954, London 1957 pp114-115”] unavailable
  8. Some Archaeological Sites in the Old Testament, – Qumran
    Expository Times (Jun., 1955) unavailable
  9. Uses of the Semitic Demonstrative Element Z in Hebrew‘, Vetus Testamentum, Vol. 5, Fasc. 3 (Jul., 1955), pp. 309-312 download
  10. Further Light on the History of the Qumran Sect‘, Journal of Biblical Literature 75 (1956): 93 download
  11. Further Messianic References in Qumran Literature‘, Journal of Biblical Literature 75 (1956), pp. 174-76 download
  12. hlk/ylk, ‘go’, Die Welt des Orients (1956) unavailable
  13. Le travail d’édition des fragments manuscrits de Qumran, Revue Biblique (Jun., 1956) unavailable
  14. The Dead Sea Scrolls, Spectator (July 6, 1956) download
  15. The Dead Sea Scrolls, Spectator (Nov. 16, 1956) download
  16. Fragments of a Qumran Scroll of Eschatological Midrashim‘, Journal of Biblical Literature 75 (December 1956): 182-187; and 77 (December 1958): 350-354 download
  17. Addendum to Professor Millar Burrow’s Note on the Ascent from Accho in 4Qp Isa(a)‘, Vetus Testamentum, Vol. 7, Fasc. 2 (Apr., 1957), p. 183 download
  18. The Dead Sea Scrolls, Proceedings of the Royal Institution (1958) unavailable
  19. (Newly Discovered-2014)The Dead Sea Scrolls–A Survey‘, The Rationalist Annual 1958 download
  20. More Isaiah Commentaries from Qumran’s Fourth Cave‘, Journal of Biblical Literature 77 (September 1958) 215-221 download
  21. Review of le Palais Royal d’Ugarit IV (Mission de Ras Shamra VII 1957)‘, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 1959 unavailable
  22. Thrakidon, the Lion of Wrath and Alexander Jannaeus‘, Palestine Exploration Quarterly (Jan-Jun., 1959) unavailable
  23. A Recently Discovered Fragment of a Commentary on Hosea from Qumran’s Fourth Cave‘, Journal of Biblical Literature 78 (June 1959): 142-147 download
  24. An Unpublished Fragment of Essene Halakhah (4Q Ordinances)‘, Journal of Semitic Studies 6 (1961): 71-73 download
  25. Review of Biblical Exegesis in the Qumran Texts‘, Journal of Semitic Studies 6 (1961): 114-116 download
  26. The Copper Scroll from Qumran, Transactions of the Glasgow University Oriental Society (1961) [NB. The above is John’s own ref. A different source gives “18 1959-1960 pp 56-65] Get here
  27. More Unpublished Pieces of a Qumran Commentary on Nahum (4QpNah)‘, Journal of Semitic Studies 7 (1962): 304-308 download
  28. Review of Studies in the Bible‘, Journal of Semitic Studies 8 (1963): 101-105 download
  29. Some Unpublished Fragments of Pseudepigraphical Literature from Qumran’s Fourth Cave, Annals of the Leeds University Oriental Society IV (1962-1963), Leiden, 1964: pp 3-5 unavailable
  30. “The Wiles of the Wicked Woman”, a Sapiential Work from Qumran’s Fourth Cave‘, Palestine Exploration Quarterly 96 (1964) 53-55 unavailable
  31. An Astrological Cryptic Document from Qumran‘, Journal of Semitic Studies 9 (1964): 291-294 download
  32. The Dead Sea Scrolls Controversy‘, Spectator (Dec. 3, 1965), pp: 733, download
  33. Review of J Strugnell Notes en marge du volume V des Discoveries in the Judaean Desert of Jordan‘,
    Revue de Qumran Paris VII (1969), pp 163-276 unavailable